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Does the world need a publication about poverty-focused philanthropy? We thought it did two years ago when we launched Beyond Philanthropy under the umbrella of Geneva Global. And we still think so now that we are independent. The philanthropy sector needs more intelligent discussion from the donor perspective. It is no easier now than it was two decades ago for donors to determine where best to invest the money they give – in the hundreds, thousands or millions – to truly help alleviate the burden of poverty.

Our vision is for philanthropy to evolve into a sector that is more thoughtful and effective. We want to see money move to places where it does the most good and away from where it does the least. In short, we want philanthropy to behave more like a market. We recognize that markets have failings and aren’t appropriate or feasible in all situations. Where they aren’t, we want the available alternatives to be based on knowledge about what is truly helpful.

Poverty will remain our area of focus. More specifically, we intend to write about economic development, health, education and human rights, as well as the sources of money for poverty interventions, including philanthropy, foreign aid, and social investing. For those who know our work from Beyond Philanthropy, thank you for sticking with us; for new readers, welcome. We would love to hear from you.


Tim OgdenEditor-in-chief Tim Ogden is Executive Partner at Sona Partners, a thought leadership communications firm. He has collaborated on, edited or ghostwritten more than a dozen books published by Tier One publishers and co-authored or ghostwritten several articles for Harvard Business Review. His work has appeared in Miller-McCune magazine, Alliance magazine and on Harvard Business Review online and Business Week online. He is frequently quoted in the New York Times, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

Laura StaritaPhilanthropy Action managing editor Laura Starita began her career with the technology research firm Gartner, Inc., where she specialized in the use of emerging technologies within the retail banking sector. She has authored many articles on the subject of technology in business, and wrote the weekly newsletter, IT-News, for Gartner’s German-speaking clients. More recently, she has been a content editor at WorldGuide, a lifestyle publisher targeting high net worth individuals, and managing editor of Beyond Philanthropy, a site dedicated to the philanthropic sector.

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At Philanthropy Action our coverage of the philanthropic sector takes two primary forms. Regular “News & Commentary” blog posts provide insight and analysis of current events relevant to philanthropy, economic development, emerging markets investment, foreign aid, etc. Our “Articles” offer more detailed explorations of key subjects and may take the form of reported articles, interviews with subject matter experts, book reviews, or editorials.