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Mar 27, 2008

Are they Venture Philanthropists, Philantropreneurs or Philanthropcapitalists? Ask the Times

The debate about how business thinking should be applied to philanthropy has been circulating in the nonprofit sector for nearly a decade.

Mar 26, 2008

What is Philanthropy Action?

Does the world need a publication about poverty-focused philanthropy? We thought it did two years ago when we launched Beyond Philanthropy under the umbrella of Geneva Global. And we still think so now that we are independent.

Mar 17, 2008

Top Five: Books on Foreign Aid

The listed books provide a complete picture of the good and bad of foreign aid. They are readable and contradictory, alternately scathing in their reprobation and hopeful in the possibility of improvement. Though some are shriller than others, the collective take-away is that foreign aid is simultaneously necessary and deeply needful of improvement.