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Oct 15, 2008

The End of Service Trips?

Each year, more than a million Americans, the majority of them teenagers or college students, travel to other countries on “service trips.“ Lasting for a week or two, the trips are conceived as a way for Americans to see developing world poverty up-close and to “help.“ More and more the reality that these trips are a bad idea is sinking in, and many are being canceled. Still, it’s hard not to wonder what the long-term impact of the end of such trips might be. As silly as many of them are, these trips are likely the only time most participants will ever come into contact with people living in absolute poverty.

Oct 09, 2008

Top Nominees for Charity Bail Out Benefactors

Enabling a person with a solid credit rating and a $130,000 annual household income to buy a home he cannot afford is just as irresponsible and exploitative as allowing someone with bad credit and $30,000 a year in income buy a home he can’t afford. Unfortunately, Herb and Marion Sandler don’t see the connection.