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Feb 27, 2010

Toward Better Qualitative Metrics

Earlier this week we hosted a conference call with David Roberts of New Dominion Philanthropy Metrics and Sean Stannard-Stockton of Tactical Philanthropy looking at the role of qualitative metrics in good philanthropic decision-making, and especially how non-profits and foundations could capture qualitative data in reliable and useful ways. We recorded the call for those who were unable to attend, or for those who’d like to share it with friends and peers.

Feb 12, 2010

The Right and Wrong Way to Survey

There are plenty of organizations that have taken some first steps toward impact measurement using surveys. Surveys are the most popular form of measurement because they seem to be straightforward, easy and relatively cheap compared to the alternatives.

Unfortunately these first steps are often dangerous.

Why? Because surveys can easily lead to bad data and false conclusions that can result in future missteps.