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Mar 26, 2008

What is Philanthropy Action?

Does the world need a publication about poverty-focused philanthropy? We thought it did two years ago when we launched Beyond Philanthropy under the umbrella of Geneva Global. And we still think so now that we are independent.

Mar 17, 2008

Top Five: Books on Foreign Aid

The listed books provide a complete picture of the good and bad of foreign aid. They are readable and contradictory, alternately scathing in their reprobation and hopeful in the possibility of improvement. Though some are shriller than others, the collective take-away is that foreign aid is simultaneously necessary and deeply needful of improvement.

Feb 13, 2008

Top Five: Books on Development

The following books represent some of the most compelling explanations of how our world got this way, as well as theories of what is needed to stimulate economic development in the impoverished world. Though the ideas are at times incompatible, together these books provide a readable overview of current thinking.

Jan 03, 2008

Top Five: Books about Africa

With so much on offer, and so little of it high quality, how can one learn about the real Africa? The following books represent some of the most readable and instructive we know of covering the African continent. They are certainly not the only good books out there – for one they are all non-fiction. Still, they offer history, context and insight into the continent and its variety and can function as a Master Class in Africa for anyone who wants to learn.

Dec 12, 2007

How Business Can Aid in the Fight Against Global Poverty

There are no easy answers to the eradication of poverty. There is no ‘one size fits all’ or a single solution. Poverty will ultimately be solved when good governments are installed that will create the environment for vibrant economic activity to take place. It will not be solved by grand projects run by governments but which offer poor returns on their investments. An enterprise-based strategy will lay the groundwork for a better educated and resourced next generation, to transform their nations and make poverty history.

Oct 10, 2007

Tipping the Balance on Food Aid

US agriculture is intimately linked with food scarcity around the world. The impact is personal for the subsistence farmer: not only has her product been devalued by the flooding of her market with US-farmed commodities, but if she lives in or near a community that is the recipient of in-kind food aid she might find she doesn’t have any local buyers at all, since all her potential customers are now receiving their food for free. Thus she gets hit twice by US farm practices, a dynamic which is effectively putting her – and millions like her – out of business.

Jul 18, 2007

Celebrities, Influence, and Listening to Africans

The challenge for anyone looking to make a measurable difference is that the dynamics that help and harm in each country are so diverse. It is legitimately difficult to know who to listen to, because equally informed, stake-holding Africans have conflicting ideas about what will work in their respective countries or communities.

Jun 30, 2007

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