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Nov 19, 2009

More Evidence of Evidence Failure

Tests on the ground show that American patients do not take drugs expressly for cancer prevention.

Nov 13, 2009

The Source of Donor Illusions

If you would only give to an intermediary in order to help someone on the street outside your home, why do you want to do away with intermediaries between you and a person on the other side of the world whose circumstances you don’t understand at all?

Nov 11, 2009

Big Climate Impact for Little Climate Dollars

For substantially less than $10 million you can have a big impact on climate change by using the tools of behavioral economics to help individuals conserve energy. Specifically the widespread deployment of real-time use meters and commitment contracts can help people who want to save energy meet their goals—and it requires very little external funding.

Nov 09, 2009

New Survey and Report on the Use and Effectiveness of Social Networking by Non-profits

Today we published the results of a survey that Philanthropy Action conducted on social networking and non-profits. Unsurprisingly non-profits reported that their primary reasons for using social networking were marketing, fundraising and attracting volunteers. But very few of them have seen results.

Nov 05, 2009

Scams, FarmVille and Embedded Giving

It’s “giving season” again and so we’re about to see a huge ramp-up in embedded giving. As FarmVille’s case shows, there are plenty of reasons to avoid embedded giving.