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Mar 24, 2010

Obama’s Missed Opportunity and the P2P Revolution in Philanthropy

Recent posts at Stanford Social Innovation Review and Harvard Business Review cover Obama’s missed opportunity with his donation of the Nobel prize money and the coming P2P revolution in philanthropy.

Mar 22, 2010

Philanthropy Action is Co-Winner of 2010 Best in Aid Award

Last Week, the Aid Watchers blog named it’s winners of the best and worst in aid for the last year. We’re proud to be named among the winners—all of whom are groups aiming to help people give better.

Mar 12, 2010

Teachers Are Made, Not Born

Good teachers are not born. Instead, research increasingly shows that effective teachers consistently possess attainable knowledge about their subjects and take specific actions in the classroom that promote student learning.

Mar 02, 2010

Measuring the Unmeasureable

Some new materials on measuring the unmeasureable in philanthropy.