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Last week we hosted a conference call with Sean Stannard-Stockton of Tactical Philanthropy and David Roberts of New Dominion Philanthropy Metrics discussing the use of qualitative metrics and some approaches to measuring the unmeasureable. We recorded the call so that those who could not attend can listen in. MP3 files are available for download here.

On the topic of measuring the unmeasureable, let me also point you to two newly available articles. First, Alliance Magazine has now made available an article from last year where various heavy hitters in the philanthropy industry (including Paul Brest of the Hewlett Foundation, Michael Weinstein of the Robin Hood Foundation and Brian Trelstad of Acumen Fund) discuss their approaches to measuring impact. Second, the Wall Street Journal published a special report yesterday that includes an overview of social return on investment from a European perspective, including thoughts from New Philanthropy Capital and the Bertelsmann Foundation.


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